What a Blast at the RSA Morning of Innovation!

Maya Reitman

Maya Rubinstein-Reitman

May 22, 2024

We had an incredible time at the RSA Morning of Innovation, with around 250 cyber enthusiasts joining us to kick off RSA week. This year at RSA Conference, we prepared a great event for all cybersecurity enthusiasts. Teaming up with Evolution Equity Partners, F2 Venture Capital, and UBS, in collaboration with Israeli Mapped in NY, CyberFuture, and Red Access, we planned a morning filled with all the essential elements:

  • Morning breakfast and networking
  • Two panel discussions with notable speakers on key M&A trends in the cybersecurity industry and on achieving cyber resilience without complexity
  • The finale with our live pitch event featuring presentations from four innovative companies, followed by invaluable feedback from a respected panel of CISOs

Organizing this event was an absolute blast. From selecting the perfect location to partnering with the right organizations and crafting an agenda full of valuable content about the cybersecurity market, we aimed to deliver a top-notch experience.

Our live pitch event featured four innovative companies: Cynerio, Sweet Security, Lema AI, and Get Clarity. These startups showcased their cutting-edge solutions and left a lasting impression on the audience.

Our CISO panel featured industry leaders, including Al Ghous, Jeff Trudeau, Terry O’Daniel, Mandy Andress, Yaron Levi, and Ilan Abadi, who shared their expertise and perspectives. Their insightful discussions provided valuable knowledge and sparked engaging conversations.

We also hosted two expert panel discussions on M&A and cyber market trends, and on achieving cyber resilience without complexity. Our expert panelists, Gurinder Sidhu, Karthik Subramanian, Alon Elie, and Yaron Elad, shared their industry knowledge.

Another highlight was the discussion on achieving cyber resilience without complexity, featuring contributions from Gerhard Eschelbeck, Jesse Whaley, Maor Fridman, Elik Etzion, and Ami Kor.

We are looking forward to future events. These gatherings not only allow us to share our knowledge and insights but also provide a great opportunity to learn and connect with new and familiar faces in the cybersecurity community.

Stay tuned for more updates and events as we continue to drive innovation and collaboration in the cybersecurity industry.

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