Elron Ventures helps promising companies with big ideas become global leaders. Whether in the enterprise software, cybersecurity, or healthcare industries, we identify transformative technologies, nurture entrepreneurial talent and partner with them to build thriving companies.
And we’re doing so now, more than ever.

Our mission is to build long-lasting and profitable technology companies that are all based on Israeli Venture Capital innovation, helped by our unique heritage of building some of this country’s most successful companies of the past decades.  We believe in the distinct entrepreneurial spirit of Israel and we’re dedicated to harnessing this for the benefit of all our partners.

Our aim is to partner with founders and senior teams and provide them with a full range of operational and management support. We’re committed to helping them tighten their connections to the global market and maximize the benefits of our network and expertise. Our partnerships, including our years-long relationship with Rafael – Israel’s largest defense company – allows our founders to develop and test their tech with some of Israel’s smartest IT and cyber professionals.

We have a proven track record of investments and M&As deals with some the world’s leading companies. For example, Microsoft, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid7 and more. In recent years, Elron Ventures has played a part in exits valued at a total of $1.7 billion and today we manage more than $300 million in assets.

Our investment strategy

Since our establishment as a leading Israeli venture capital firm, we have focused on investing in Israeli early-stage ventures that have the potential to become major successes (either through M&A or IPO). Our strategy centers on identifying areas where we can add value and create opportunities. We look for powerful teams that have the focus, drive and talent to build successful companies – led by bold entrepreneurs and founders who, like us, dream of changing the course of their industries. Because at its core, that’s what investing in promising early-stage companies is all about: building inspiring futures.

How we do it

We understand the need to act quickly, so our process is thorough yet rapid. We are committed to making decisions and taking action within days to a few weeks.

We usually lead seed rounds, but we also co-lead and follow when necessary. Aided by a number of strategic partners, we invest with fair terms and total transparency.

Our strategic partners often help our portfolio companies develop their first product with real data, in live environments, and with real potential customers.

How we work

We strive to provide our founders with the support and guidance they need on their path to success. We understand that no two founders are alike, so we adapt how we work to whatever our founders need.

First and foremost, we believe in teamwork and partnership. We’re diligent and committed investors that are actively involved in the day-to-day operations, helping our founders in every aspect of their journey, from establishing a diverse and competent management team to developing a go-to-market strategy, creating strategic partnerships, and securing financing.
Israeli Venture Capital Company-Elron Ventures

Meet our team

It’s our seasoned and passionate people who have made Elron Ventures a vibrant force in the hi-tech industry throughout the years. Top technology and business professionals with extensive experience in enterprise software, cybersecurity and healthcare, our team has a proven track record of value creation.
Meet the team

Our legacy

Elron was established by Uzia Galil, a visionary entrepreneur and one of the founding fathers of Israel’s technology industry. We were the first venture capital firm in Israel - the idea was to bridge the gap between Israeli R&D and industry to create “a knowledge-based industry” which today we call hi-tech.

Starting in the 1960s, we pioneered many of Israel's tech sectors, including defense, medical imaging, semi-conductor development, telecommunications, and medical devices. In each sector, we established eventual market leaders like Elbit Systems, Elscint, Zoran, Orbotech, Partner, Netvision, and Given Imaging. Since 1993, we have had the privilege of partnering with Rafael, Israel's largest defense company.

Today, we are focused on the continually evolving enterprise software and cybersecurity sectors as well as reaping the benefits of our investments in the medical devices arena.
A word from our founder
Israeli Venture Capital History



Uzia Glil founded Elron to bridge the gap between Israeli R&D and industry and to create “a knowledge-based industry” (later named hi-tech).


Elron founded Elbit, the first Israeli commercial venture in the computer field, focued on defense, medical & communications technologies

Today Elbit Systems (NASDAQ: ESLT) is the largest non-government-owned defense company in Israel.
Israeli Venture Capital History


Elbit spun-off Elscint, which grew to become a world leader in the development of medical imaging technologies, forging a new technology: Computer Tomography (CT).


Elscint became the first Israeli company to list on the Nasdaq


Elron went public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
Israeli Venture Capital History 1970s


Elron devised the strategy of using in-house projects (in time came to be known as an “incubator”). Additionally, Elron established Oprotech and was actively involved in the early stages of the establishment of Zoran.


Elron listed on the Nasdaq
Elron established Oprotech (today Orbotech, NASDAQ: ORBK)


Elron invested in Zoran (merged with CSR in 2011, LSE: CSR)
Israeli Venture Capital History


Elron was one of the internet pioneers in Israel, expanding into information technologies and communications. Landmark companies founded at this time included Partner Communication and NetVision


Rafael Development Corporation (RDC) was established as a joint venture of Elron and Rafael to commercialize Israeli MoD technologies in civilian markets


Elron founded NetVision (merged with CellCom in 2011, NYSE: CEL)


Elron founded Partner Communication (NASDAQ: PTNR)
Israeli Venture Capital History


Through RDC, Elron has incubated and developed several technology leaders, most notably in the field of medical devices.


Given Imaging goes public, and is the 1st company to list on the Nasdaq following 9/11


Medingo, developer of an insulin micro-pump, is founded by RDC
Israeli Venture Capital Company


Elron build a robust portfolio of medical device startups, including BrainsGate and CartiHeal. and established its cyber & enterprise software activities. By the close of the decade, Elron boasted 15 cybersecurity & ES investments.


Medingo is sold to Roche for $180 million


Given Imaging is acquired by Covidien at a value of $1 billion

2017- 2018

Elron closed its first 2 cyber & ES exits: the sale of Cloudyn to Microsoft and of Secdo to Palo Alto Networks
Israeli Venture Capital History-2010s


We are constantly and actively looking at new exciting ventures in order to continue and build tomorrow’s technology leaders. We continue to target investments in the cybersecurity & enterprise software fields, and to expand our focus to other promising verticals.


Three companies from Elron's cyber portfolio were acquired: Alcide was acquired by Rapid7, Securedtouch by Ping Identity, and Kindite by RingCentral
Israeli Venture Capital History-2020

Investor relations

Elron Ventures is a public Israeli investment company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: ELRN). We specialize in early-stage investments we believe will thrive in the world of cybersecurity and enterprise software. Building new ventures while creating shareholder value is at the core of our strategy.
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