Maya Reitman

Maya Rubinstein-Reitman

October 30, 2021

Elron Electronic Industries is now Elron Ventures.

The need to rebrand began when Elron started a new era under new management with a new strategy for investing in cybersecurity and enterprise software ventures.

Having been around for 60 years is most definitely something to be proud of, however, maintaining a strong brand can be a challenge as the new venture generation is growing.

Since we were established by Uzia Galil as Israel’s first venture capital firm, our investments have given rise to some of Israel’s biggest and most successful companies. We have built companies worth billions in diverse industries, and we wanted to spread the name we have built for ourselves as a leading healthcare investor in the last two decades also to the software and cyber space, where we are active today- and this was a priority for us.

It was our primary objective to maintain the iconic Elron legacy and present our new investment strategy, that addresses the specific set of challenges facing early-stage ventures today. This is where we offer founders our own custom ‘value circle’.

The essence of investing in early stage is more than finding the right team and technology at the right time; it’s about how we can partner with our portfolio to build a promising future. Our approach to building value circles is based on the understanding that every founder is different and has different needs.  This is where we step in as a team and how we put our founders’ needs first.

Our new strategy – The ‘value circle’

Throughout our new strategy, we are bringing onto our team new strategic partners who share our vision of building promising futures, as well as our longstanding partnership with Rafael, to better support our portfolio companies in the process of finding product market fit and go-to-market strategies as well as help them to develop their first product with real data, in production environments, and with real potential customers. We are expanding the ‘Rafael incubator’ model to become a Multi Corporate Incubator by partnering with additional enterprises from diverse verticals such as Finance, Insurance, Automotive & Tech.

We also added new global domain experts to our advisory board to provide our founders with their unique experience & network as the c-suite of global market leaders. Our current founders also benefit from our entrepreneurial backbone of founders who successfully built market leading companies and joined our network creating an important circle of entrepreneurs backing each other.

Our strategy centers on identifying areas where we can add value and create opportunities. We look for exceptional teams that have the focus, drive and talent to build successful companies – led by bold entrepreneurs and founders who, like us, dream of changing the course of their industries. Because at its core, that’s what investing in promising early-stage companies is all about: building inspiring futures.

A mission that Elron Ventures is uniquely prepared to pursue with a new set of tools.

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