Human-Machine powered cloud security: Why we partnered with Tamnoon

Uria Lin

August 16, 2023


With the rising tide of cyber threats in an ever-growing cloud landscape, enterprises struggle to fix vulnerabilities and infrastructure misconfigurations despite substantial investments in cybersecurity. Here at Elron Ventures, we asked ourselves why this problem persists, even in the face of exceptional products in this sector. The majority of responses we got from our CISO network identified the critical issue as a severe shortage of security talent, leading to a gap between deploying cybersecurity products and the expertise to operate and act on their findings effectively. This understanding led us to explore the managed services model in cloud security, resulting in a fortunate introduction: the perfect team to address this challenge — Tamnoon.

Cloud is blowing up (duh)

With cloud adoption and the migration of workloads consistently on the rise, Gartner predicts cloud spending to reach $1 Trillion by 2026, indicating a five-year compound annual growth rate of 19.6%. Cloud environments are evolving in complexity, with hybrid and multi-cloud architectures becoming the new norm. According to a Gartner cloud adoption survey, 76% of organizations are leveraging multi-cloud strategies, and Gartner research predicts that by 2025, 70% of workloads will be hosted in the public cloud, and 50% of enterprises will intentionally adopt multi-cloud.

Finding problems is easy(ish). Fixing them – not so much…

Cloud security management conjures images of red dots alerting to a multitude of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. However, merely identifying these alerts only initiates the process and does nothing to genuinely bolster an organization’s security. The core challenge lies in remedying these issues without breaking the production environment. This process is much more complex than it may seem. It involves several steps: contextual prioritization, owner attribution, planning, defining relevant remediation strategies for each part of the environment, and production impact analysis—all of those, followed by prevention and elimination of similar future issues.

You can’t ask for the man in charge if there’s no one on the other side of the line

The major challenge with security products is their dependence on your security team’s resources, processes and competencies. In a climate where you grapple with the overwhelming number of alerts and required modifications within your infrastructure, the absence of a support system to guide you and help you concentrate on critical elements becomes apparent. This reality is why organizations increasingly outsource cloud security to managed security service providers and consultancy firms. However, these service providers, primarily MSSPs, face the same talent scarcity and scalability issues.

This outsourcing model has already proven successful in other areas of the cyber security market, such as Managed Detection & Response (MDR), generating a 20% CAGR due to XDR cybersecurity product adoption. These dynamics reflect the cloud security scenario described above: organizational complexity, inadequate skills/expertise/headcount, and reliance on specialized manual operations compel organizations to seek a service-based solution. Rather than competing with products in their space, such solutions help manage and consolidate security products, providing strategic advice based on their outputs.

You need a Gunslinger to win a gunfight

Tamnoon’s power is derived from its founding team’s exceptional expertise and skill set. Marina Segal and Idan Perez, are renowned experts in the cybersecurity industry. They played key roles in building the first Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution in the industry during their time at Dome9 (acquired by Check Point). With an ongoing involvement of Zohar Alon, a seasoned cybersecurity entrepreneur, who is actively involved as the founding Chairman of Tamnoon. Alon brings a wealth of experience to the team, having successfully founded and sold Dome9 to Check Point. His ongoing involvement and guidance contribute to the strategic direction and vision of Tamnoon.

With the combined expertise of Segal, Perez, and Alon, Tamnoon is dedicated to building a scalable, tech-enabled cloud remediation service. Their goal is to leverage their deep industry knowledge and innovative approach to develop a robust platform that can effectively identify and guide vulnerability remediation in cloud environments. By providing this comprehensive cloud security assistance, Tamnoon helps organizations mitigate risks and protect their valuable data in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

This is an opportunity to extend a huge shout-out to our friends at Merlin VenturesShay Michel and Almog Golod, who introduced us to the team – which shows that even in a competitive space like early-stage cyber security investments, it is all about personal connections and good people.

Float like a product, Sting like a service

Tamnoon’s solution epitomizes the best of all worlds – it is delivered as a service, but is shaped and enriched by a profound technology product. Powering Tamnoon’s managed security services are cloud-native automation, AI, and Machine Learning, enhancing an organization’s cybersecurity structure and effectively utilizing the existing security setup to minimize exposure and risk. The synergy of AI and human expertise allows Tamnoon to deliver a superior level of remediation guidance. Its service caters to customers of all major CNAPP players including Wiz, Orca, Check Point’s CloudGuard, and Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud. Tamnoon’s hands-on customer approach delivers focused priorities, intelligent insights, and readily applicable solutions, equipping security teams to perform better and maintain a robust cloud security posture.

Sit back and enjoy the ride

With its ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive and effective cloud protection solutions, Tamnoon is poised for further expansion and impact. They have already established strategic partnerships and integrations with major CNAPP space players, including Check Point, WIz, Palo Alto Networks, and Sysdig. This journey of Tamnoon, enabling superior cloud protection and maximizing the productivity of security teams through their innovative approach, is one that we at Elron Ventures are proud to join and support in the coming years.