Corporate Governance

We are committed to strong principles and the highest standards of corporate governance. Our corporate governance policies are designed to maintain a culture of compliance, prevent fraud and manipulation, restrict the use of inside information, locate related party transactions, ensure compliance with public reporting requirements, regulate the board of director’s work and functions as well of those of its committees, and regulate communication with parties outside of the company.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

Our Code of Ethics & Business Conduct applies to the company and its consolidated substantially wholly owned-subsidiaries, and sets forth our company’s policies regarding ethical business conduct and principles guiding the activities of our employees and representatives. The purpose of this code of conduct is to promote a culture of honesty, integrity, respect for law and the people with whom we work.

Code of Ethics 

Audit Committee

The purpose of our audit committee is to oversee on behalf of the company’s board of directors, the integrity of the company’s financial statements, the appointment, compensation, qualifications, independence and work of the company’s independent auditors, the company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and the performance of the company’s internal audit and controls function. In addition, our audit committee is responsible for determining any deficiencies in the company’s business administration, resolving whether to approve related party transactions, and establishing complaint procedures.

Board of Directors

Below is a summary of our board membership information:

Dan Hoz (1) Chairman of the Board
Nataly Mishan Zakai Director
Eyal Eshed (1) Director
Ronit Ritz-Bueno (2) External Director
Barak Mashraki (1) (2) External Director
Shalom Tourgeman  (2) Independent Director

(1) Designated “financial expert” under the Israeli Companies Law
(2) Audit committee member

Confidential Communications

If you wish to communicate any matter anonymously, you are free to do so, and we will maintain the confidentiality of your communication to the extent possible under applicable laws. Communications intended to be confidential should be sent in writing without indicating your name or address to the Chairman of the Audit Committee whose contact information can be found here:

Mr. Barak Mashraki